Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Let's touch briefly on this topic 'reincarnation'.

My uncle wrote about this subject recently. So I thot I ought to share my views here.

Do you believe that people we meet this life are somehow related in the previous life? Do you experience these dejavu feelings when u come across certain people, strangers, or acquaintances?

I believe that people who revolve closely around us (family, close relatives and friends) are those we made a pact with in the previous life to meet in the next life . It could also be due to unaccomplished businesses. I strongly believe that if we were to outrightly tell another person in this life that, "I would like to meet you again in the next life", then chances are, we would (whether or not the other party shares the same view is another matter altogether)! Likewise, there will be certain people of whom for certain reasons, we make a conscious choice not to meet again in the next life. I do know that all these may sound too simple and naive to be granted any weightage or deserve your attention. But is life meant to be that complicated? Do we need to come out with a set of scientific formulas to prove that God is around us?

I believe in reincarnation and karma. Afterall, how best to explain karma other than to bring in the reincarnation idea. Our eyes (most of us anyway) are not meant for matters that are not tangible, and perhaps that is why we simply could not understand or relate things that are just so out of the ordinary. More times than not, we always say "This is not fair!" or "This is incomprehensible!". The point is, humans are so easily fooled by what they see. Pictures play tricks all the time, afterall, seeing is believing, but does that then imply not seeing is not believing? Is seeing deceiving too?

Given a chance, I would like to meet my parents again in the next life (I am assuming that I have not collected enough brownie points by the end of my useful life to be promoted to "further up the ladder" you know, the "ascension" stuff... and as such will make a come back as a human) but this round, I would prefer to play the role of a giver, instead of the other way round. Afterall, there is no other ways and means for me to pay back their unconditional love and sacrifice for me, not that they expect me to for a start.

Till then, we shall save the topic about soulmates and twinflame for another day.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Flowers Or Snails?

You know my latest freaking habit?

I have been coming home late from work the past couple of weeks. So by the time I had my fruit juice and my Korean drama, it would be about 9.30 pm past. One night I found a snail gliding away around my beautiful pots of petunias while watering them. I used my leg (with slippers attached) and swished it away. Then I found another (hiding behind the pot), and another (chewing n covered by my petunias), and decided to put things into action, so in came my spade. You know, the fun part is that you need to aim at a certain angle to carry them, then you need to flip them off properly while attempting to strike a goal... the drain hole outside my home some metres away... But yes, they r quite slimy, watery and yuckh!

Apparently snails love impatience and petunias, because the stems are soft and good for Snails' digestive system.

I thot I wont have to confront them, and tho it sort of make me feel a bit of a pinch in my heart, I had to dutifully discard them so as to protect my flowers from getting bald by the day, goodness! Some are dying! Totally unacceptable behavior, you know. Afterall, I am my Flowers' primary caretaker.

As for numbers, I think it is exceeding 10 hits.

Hmm... that reminds me of my late granny who loved gardening, and always yelling me to get her some salt to sprinkle at Snails.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What Do You Call This?

Recently, I was drafting The Little Prince. Before I published it, Marita already did.

And then, one day as I was doing some groceries after lunch, I walked past a lane filled with some handicapped people. One particular man caught my attention as his limbs were all twisted, but he had a distinguished look, as if he did not fit there at all. Maybe it was just one of those many unfortunate cases of being 'caught, chopped and chucked there'. Before I could share this observation in my blog, tada, my uncle wrote something about beggars in his blog.

So, how come people around think about similar affairs at the same time, although they never ever discussed about them?

This leads yet to another writeup by my uncle about science and afterlife experiments.

Can I then conclude that when one is in sync with another, one's spiritual thots will merge as well? Like ... birds of the same feathers fly together... or great minds think alike?

Oops! Or perhaps it is afterall the result of my own procrastination?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Do You Have A Fairy Tale To Tell?

Rudy sent me a music file to listen. I forwarded it to some friends while listening to it on repeat mode for the rest of the day in office. I dint quite understand what the story was all about but it sure sounded sweet, lovely and romantic. He replied and explained to me that it is about this guy who wrote this song for a girl whom he loves. Here's his translation...

She cried and told him that fairy tale is all lies,
Because he is not her prince,
But he told her may be she doesn't understand,
Ever since she said she loves him, his sky and stars has brightened Up....

He is willing to become the angel that she loves in her fairy tale,
Spread up his arm and turn into wings to protect her...
You have to believe, believe that we will be like in fairy tale,
Happily ever after is the ending of our story....

In the MTV, the girl was in hospital suffering from cancer when he sang this song in his concert...so he called her and asked her to listen to his live concert through his handphone...

She finally passed away.

It took us both back to deep thot mode thinking about our own fairy tales and dreams.