Thursday, December 08, 2005

Flying Cockroaches

A friend inspired me to write about this after I received a forwarded mail from her.

Apparently, cockroaches that fly are pregnant!!! Like my dad, I freak out whenever they give me a visit. This is normally followed by my frantic search for the insecticide, then continuous spraying in cold sweat with heart beating non-stop, til the fellow collapsed. For assurance, I will spray directly onto it for another 10 seconds or so after it stops moving.

The write up also said that we are supposed to burn it otherwise the eggs will continue to hatch, nor are we supposed to flush down the toilet bowl unless we welcome the idea of them crawling out in a group of babies in time to come.

Some years ago, I had a very entertaining PC baby ape who taught me that cockroaches can survive up to another 2 weeks even if their heads are being chopped off. I cant quite recall his name, Bongo perhaps. He disappeared from my life after I left my former job.

Maybe... maybe in my previous life I was an insect or something and those cockroaches were always attempting to eat me, so in this life, it becomes a hostile and intense struggle whenever they are near me!



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