Friday, December 23, 2005

Roses Are Among My Favorites!

I haven’t been showering much attention to my Plants for the last couple of weeks, mainly because I was missing in action.

But last nite when I reached home late around 10.30 pm, I saw some wonderful roses blossoming.

Early this morning when I was about to go to work, I finally had a chance to look at them carefully and saw some stalks of really huge bloom, like those Grade A ones from Cameron Highlands. I just wished I had a digicam now to capture them all.

I cant exactly figure out which rose family they are from, but I simply love their fragrance. They do look like from the Margaret Merrils, Teas... I recall there was one called Peace. Their colors are mostly ranging from light pink, peach, various shades of red, lilac.

Thanks to the rainy season which has made my life simpler. The roses have been getting enough attention!

I wonder if my parents will have the opportunity to see them in full bloom. They are coming over for the Christmas this afternoon!


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