Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Unexpected and Expected...

It is funny how December always makes me feel bewilderingly good and extraordinarily cheerful.

I guess it all started with the wrapping of presents for my family members and some friends middle of November.

Then early last week, my buddy called up and gave me less than 24 hour notice of invitation to pay Singapore a 3N/3D visit! I had my frantic arrangement last Monday to get my work out of the way before I fled to meet a friend to bring her to a fengshui shop. We went zig-zagging all over the blocks of buildings, and after spending like 15 minutes under the hot sun and numerous calls to my colleague, I finally brought her to the right place. I had to leave her there after about 15 minutes as there was still some work left in office. I also managed to get some money changed for Sing Dollars.

I left for home to pack around 4.30 pm. Did some light gardening, felt like cleaning the toilet, wrapped more presents for my friends in Singapore, then had my shower and instant noodles, oh, of course my juice too!

By then it started to rain like there was no tomorrow! I couldn’t decide to take a cab to the airport or go to Sentral Station to catch the super train. I decided to give the train a chance. Got my youngest brother to drop me off at KL Sentral. It was a most impressive experience for me, I mean… it was convenient and efficient, tho a family of 3, 2 pear-shaped middle-aged women and a teenage girl who looked so enchanted by her surroundings squeezed beside me the entire journey.

The lights in Orchard Road were amazing, and definitely made me felt like on top of the world. Then I realised I left my old camera on my bed at home.

I managed to catch up with 3 good friends over the next 3 days. We had lunch/tea breaks when I got tired. There were endless dresses and handbags that I was struggling to buy but I had to clench my teeth and just picked a few to bring home with me. 1 bought me a dress, 1 Issey Miyake perfume, and the other a music box from Hokkaido during her recent holiday. It was most kind of them as it was really last minute and they all managed to squeeze some time for me.

Oh, my poor worn out shoes, I intended to get it replaced in Singapore but in the end decided that with the equivalent amount of money, I could have got better, nicer ones back home. My old shoes must be glad I dint leave her behind. Almost!

Then, over the weekend, we had our Family Day! It was a relaxing one this year round as compared to the previous 2 where we had a back-to-back activities to catch. This year’s focus was on the babies. A good friend sponsored a specially home-made carrot and walnut cake for my family, it was so popular that we dint leave anything behind.

My mom made each of the family members a matching “his and hers” Bermuda pants, including the babies. She had her fair share of frenzied moments, busy with sewing altogether 12 pairs last minute. Could imagine her cold sweat and panic the last couple of days before the trip! We were all impressed with her fine work of creativity and sewing techniques.

Dad was cool as he conveniently got his daughters and daughter-in-law a pair of thongs each, while the sons got some working socks and sons-in-law 6 sets of china bowls each with the infamous chicken motifs.

All in all, it has been an exciting and most pleasant month for me!

Hmmm... less than 10 days before 2005 is over *ponder*


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