Monday, January 23, 2006

In Preparation Of Chinese New Year

Lots of magazines have come out with a list of "Must-dos" in preparation of the coming Chinese New Year.

For some of you who are still in the lurk, it falls on this coming Sunday.

So here goes my list:

- Send out CNY greeting cards - some may opt for e-cards. Personally, I prefer real cards.
- Get some CNY deco items to spice up your office and home. I chose the pineapple theme this year, consisting of sparkling pineapple running lights, plastic hanging pineapples that are very convenient to instal, cute and lovely, and a mini pineapple table light to be switched on almost all day long to attract good chi. Fortunately, my colleagues are equally excited so areas surrounding my department is like having a celebration with lights flicking thruout the day. Displaying such items and wearing red garments will invite the fire energy of the year into our home.
- Display a big, juicy mandarin orange and leave it on a red packet until after the 15th day i.e.12.02.2006. I leave mine on top of a PC in my room. Do not eat it.
- Buy at least a complete set new clothes. I finally found a pink night gown with some cherry blossom prints and birds at the top and bottom, bought my set of undies and a few new clothes (with some red colors here and there). Wearing new clothes to enter the New Year is a symbolic gesture to leave the previous year's stale energies behind.
- Prepare new notes for angpows (red packets). Since I am not required to give any, I make sure my parents have sufficient new notes to give away. Some people use old notes for red packets, which I think is not polite. Everything has to be new during the New Year, afterall it signifies a fresh new year.
- Activate the wealth luck by switching on any water fountain at home.
- To be at home for the family reunion dinner this Saturday.
- Stay positive to attract harmony and success and avoid any sort of foul language to ward off any malignant spirits.
- Start Near Year celebration rituals with the family anytime between the hours of 9am and 1pm on Sunday.
- Invite a lion dance to your home.

Remember, the more red stuff you have around you during the 15 days before and after CNY, the more potent the energy is and hence, the more auspicious for those chi surrounding you.

May the Fire Dog Year brings you lots of good fortune, health, and love!


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