Friday, January 13, 2006

Protection Against Faeries

Effective devices and objects include the following:

- Turning clothes inside out (a glove turned inside out and tossed into a faerie ring will disperse the revellers)
- Bells
- Iron e.g. a kinfe in a doorway, a nail in the pocket, open scissors hung above a baby's cot
- The Bible
- Running Water
- Bread
- A Crucifix or Cross (also, when marked on top of cakes, this dissuades the faeries from dancing on them)
- Salt
- Holy prayers
- Rowam & red thread
- Ancient churchyard mold
- Daisy chains
- Stones with holes (to protect horses)
- Horseshoes (moon symbol and iron combined0
- Flax on the floor
- Shoes placed with toes pointing away from the bed
- A sock under the bed
- A knife under the pillow
- A twig of Broom
- A pig's head or pentagram drawn on the door
- The burning of thorns on top of a faerie hill will release captive children
- St John's Wort.

* Extracted from "25th Anniversary Edition FAERIES" ~ Described & Illustrated By Brian Froud and Alan Lee


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